About Us

Dongguan Chuangzhao Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional T8 automatic water line equipment, automatic panel light assembly line equipment, automatic glue dispenser, automatic soldering machine equipment, automatic lock screw, which integrates R&D, design, production, sales and service. The company has gathered a group of outstanding engineering and technical personnel, involving electronic components, electronic equipment, industrial control series and consumable accessories and other products. At present, it mainly deals with consumables such as three-axis four-axis multi-axis machine platform, automatic dispensing machine, automatic locking screw machine, automatic soldering machine, mechanical arm, dispensing, soldering tin, locking screw, etc., as well as the development and transformation of automation equipment.

       Today, Chuangzhao smart equipment has made contributions to the improvement of industrial manufacturing efficiency in the LED photoelectric industry, LCD, LCM liquid crystal, display industry, speaker electroacoustic industry, automotive electronics industry, mobile phone industry and medical equipment, leather and leather goods, clothing industry, etc. , Has improved the development level of the manufacturing industry.

       Our company always pays attention to science and technology, combined with the use of advanced and mature technology at home and abroad, to provide customers with high-quality products with high cost performance. Our company takes science and technology first, service first, and integrity management philosophy to seek extensive cooperation with new and old customers! Welcome to inquire or come to visit, exchange and guide!